About us

Home-Bills.com is a domestic comparison and switching website owned by Commercial Energy Solutions Ltd (business energy brokers and consultants)
We offer our extensive knowledge, independent service to domestic clients without any charge.

Why Switch?

You can be one of many affected by increasing cost of energy. Switching your suppliers can make a significant difference to your budget. Using our service will give you an idea how much you can save and if you’re happy, we will help you complete the process.

Energy Suppliers

Amerada Scottish and Southern Energy
Atlantic Electric and Gas Scottish Gas
Basic Power Scottish Hydro Electric
British Gas Scottish Hydro-Electric RSPB
Ecotricity ScottishPower
EDF Energy Seeboard Energy
Good Energy Southern Electric
Green Energy UK SWALEC
London Energy SWEB Energy
npower SWEB Energy Renewable Energy
Nwy Pridain Telecom Plus
Powergen Utilita
RSPB Energy Virgin Home Energy
Sainsbury’s Energy Zest4